All product returns must be unused, not dented, scratched, with the manufacturer’s stamp intact, belt intact, pack intact, carton box (if any)… If the packaging is torn or damaged, compensation must be paid according to prices specified by the company;

Customers can exchange other products with the same type, size, product code, selling price; or change to another product not of the same type, size, code but greater value than the exchanged product  (customers please pay the difference)

Customers themselves transport goods to the company’s warehouse to exchange. In case the customer requests the company to undertake the transportation, the company will calculate the shipping fee and notify the customer for the two parties to agree;

Time for return/refund: Up to 6 months from shipment date (for stores/agents) and 7 days from receiving date (for retail customers).

For retail customers, there must be a purchase invoice of the company.