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Warranty policies

Luxta product  warranty

Faucets and accessories warranty


a. Warranty policies:

  • All genuine Luxta’s products are warranted for free of charge in case of all technical defects covered by manufacturer during the warranty period. The warranty period is valid from the date of purchase, which mentioned in the warranty form or invoice.
  • All products must be installed and operated in accordance with the technical installation instructions, which mentioned in the warranty form.
  • Nam Do Production Trading Jsc provides customer with high-quality LUXTA’s  products, warranty and replacement policy specified as follows:


+ Hot and cold water products (including Cartridge valve): 5 years warranty (equivalent to use 500,000 times)

+ Cold water products (including Cartridge valve): 3 years warranty (equivalent to use 300,000 times)

+ Accessories with 1 year warranty includes hand showers, hand shower hoses, plastic accessories, inductors, rubber valves parts.

Warranty period for specific product:


b. This warranty does not cover

  • Product loss or  damage caused by Buyer’s transportation, wrong installation, misuse, overuse, neglect and wrong maintenance; Replace and disassemble product's accessories or parts, which is not manufactured by LUXTA; damages caused by the consumer, seller, contractors or any other person. (Intentionally or unintentionally)

  •  Product loss and damage with scratchs and tarnished spots caused by rubbing, water supply and installation environment.   

  •  Perishable and regular spare parts such as rubber parts (gaskets) and  racks.

  • Cracked cartridge valve.

  •  Product damage and loss beyond the scope of stated warranty or warranty period has expired.

  • Product's damaged  surface caused by hard cloth or abrasive materials.
  • Product’s surface contacts directly with the detergents such as acids, soda, corrosive solutions, causing stains or plating damage.
  •  Product are used in the environment with high rate of alum, acid and calcium that damage the plating surface.
  • Commercial projects with a sale contract will be warranted under specific warranty policies. 

            C. Product replacement

  • Defective product by manufacturing will be changed for new products with similar code within 7 days includes leakage,  product’s crack and unqualified glossiness. Replacing for other product with higher price, the extra cost will be added depending on the raising value.

    Note : In cases of the warranty is not covered, defective products will be considered if repairation is possible with its arising cost.


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