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Pioneering Technology

NAM DO Trading Manufacturing JSC specializes in manufacturing all kinds of shower faucets and bathroom accessories, used for interior decoration. With advanced technology, we provide customers with the most perfect products. We would like to introduce our manufacturing technology as following:

 Equipment production line with Korean technology

By applying Italy's IMR as a sand core casting machine, product is casted smoothly with smooth and strong flow of water.

The IMR gravity casting machine with gravity casting technology makes the smooth surface of product core with same quality.


Automatic CNC machine with advanced and modern technology can perfectly process on some inner details with high precision. Automatic process minimizes error in the process with capacity of mass production. ​  


We are always the pioneers of discovering customer's demand to create the best and the most modern products while assuring environmental protection and customer's health accoding to Japan's 5S and Kaizen. In addition, our intelligent technology applied high quality, anti-chipping and anti-grip copper without lead component.

- Modern eye-catching design

- Easy and safe operation

- stable water flow

- shower hand with smooth operation

- Clean and pure materials without lead

All of above factors made Luxta shower faucet available throughout national market over the past 10 years, and has won many titles on domestic and oversea range . We are committed to quality, satisfaction, and best customer care.


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