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Nam Do production trading JSC


First of all, we would like to sincerely thank customer for your confidence and trust on our products as sanitary equipment branded Luxta in the recent years.

Over the past 10 years of establishment and development, NAM DO Trading Manufacturing JSC with our trademark named Luxta has been confirmed as the famous brand in Vietnam market. Currently, Luxta products are always known as high quality brand with sophisticated, durable and beautiful designs.

We are so proud of our engineering team with many years of experiences, focusing constantly on creatively developing product's research and design.

We also have the advantages of young, dynamic and high enthusiastic sale team, skilled workforce and perfect customer service care . In addition, we are also consulted by leading Japanese-Korean designing and manufacturing specialists. Therefore, our company is committed to bring customer the beautiful, harmonious and unique products with world-class quality.


NAM DO Trading Manufacturing JSC specializes in the field of brass faucet. We desire to be a leading manufacturer and business in Vietnam . By conducting serious and long-term research with world-class technology, we are determined to become a world-class brand that is trusted by every family, favoured by customer , and is the national pride


-  Provide community with modern and traditional products and services to enhance the quality of life.

- Meet customer's need of satisfaction and make work meaningful for employees.

- Increase product's  value and benefits to customers

Core values:

- Quality of products and services determines the existence of Nam Do.

- Increasing in value to society, customers and consumers, and motivation of sustainable development.

- Creative working is a foundation of development.

- The cooperation relationship, sharing, commitment and implementation of commitment  is the corporate culture foundation.

Organizational chart

We desire to constantly provide customers with a modern, comfortable and luxurious living space

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